performance schedule


May 10 The Red Room, Baltimore w/ Ricardo Donoso + others


April 19 The Piano Factory, Boston w/ Ernst Karel
April 18 The Rotunda, Philly Gate w/ Brown Wing Overdrive,
January 26 The Bridge, Charlottesville, VA Ambient Pancakes w/ Monolith Zero, Pinko Communoids, Caustic Castle + Eric Eaton, Jonathan Zorn, Cutest Puppy in the World, Amrita K Dand, Myo, Birds in the Meadow, Sadjeljko, Vdlykon, Some Awesome Radical Sound, Martyrs, Jason Talbot, Zach Mason


November 11: Reboot, NYC Myo+Caustic Castle @ SHARE
November 10: 381 Congress St, Boston, MA Myo+Caustic Castle w/ Dilettante, Gang Clan Mafia
November 9: West Nile, Brooklyn, NY Myo+Caustic Castle w/ Brown Wing Overdrive, Gestures, Amrita Dang
September 13 Velvet Lounge, DC Sonic Circuits w/ Exploding Star Septet, Cash Slave Clique, 36, Radio Shock
September 8 The Bank, Baltimore w/ Brown Wing Overdrive, Bonnie Jones
July 4: Goodview Gallery, Baltimore Xerox Art Opening/4th July Party w/ Hexspeak, Bone Guardian, Hussayn Sapphire, Bow-legged Gorilla
June 10: Warehouse Next Door, DC Myo+Metaphreaq w/ Donkey, Bonnie Jones+Andy Hayleck, SKIF
May 21: Chashama Gallery, NYC "You Are Here" Maze Festival/Installation w/ Zeke Healy, Peter Evans, Cyrus Pireh, Astral Projections
May 19: Red Room, Baltimore w/ Dilettante, Katt Hernandez+Neil Feather
May 18: The Rotunda, Philly Gate w/ Cars Will Burn, Goodnight Stars Goodnight Air, Lalilulelo
May 9: Sidebar, Baltimore w/ Destructo Swarmbots, Darsombra, Abiku
April 15: Reboot, NYC SHARE w/ Andy Guhl
April 13: Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY w/ Skeletons and Kings of All Cities, Brown Wing Overdrive, Caution Curves
April 12: Dust, Charlottesville, VA Myo+Caustic Castle w/ Pinko Communoids, Doofgoblin, Katastatik
April 7: Whole Galllery, Baltimore I See The Face! I See The Light! Art Opening/Reception w/ Bone Guardian, Expanding Man
April 6: Haus 409, Philly w/ Ryfylke, Angel of Decay, Chakra Khan/Air Pirates, George Korein
April 3: Lo-Fi Social Club, Baltimore w/ Ryfylke, Danny Propert, Seraphim Banquet, Needle Gun, Rosemary Krust
March 26: Warehouse Next Door, DC w/ Andy Haylek+Dustin Hurt+Alban Bailey+Paul Neidhardt, Tone Ghosting, Layne Garrett
January 7: Hamilton Arts Collective, Baltimore w/ Violet, Matterlink, Caustic Castle, ConstantMauk


December 15: Hamilton Arts Collective, Baltimore Baltitronic w/ Time Travelers Never Die, The Megadrives, Profolyx
December 01: Hamilton Arts Collective, Baltimore w/ Leprechaun Catering, Newagehillbilly, Seraphim Banquet, Needle-Gun, Monsterfoot Cat, Savon Liquide
October 15: Artworks, Richmond, VA 804noise Festival
August 13: Talking Head, Baltimore w/ Telekinesis for Cats, Indian
August 10: Why U, Baltimore w/ Bizzart, New Orleans is A dead Museum
August 3: The 13th Floor, Baltimore e+@13
July 7: Paloma's, Baltimore Baltitronic w/ Aligning-Minds, The Megadrives
July 6: Sangha, Takoma Park, MD Audio Vortex w/ Violet, TL0741
May 7: Library of Progress, Baltimore w/ Harm Stryker, Birds in the Meadow
April 14: Garfield Artworks, Pittsburgh, PA ???
April 13: Allegheny College, Meadville, PA w/ Tricycle Bicycle Cycle
April 8: Tommy's, Brooklyn, NY w/ Mikroknytes, The Caution Curves, Chuck Bettis, Fa she
April 5: Library of Progress, Baltimore w/ Newagehillbilly
April 4: Dust, Charlottesville, VA w/ Accelera Deck, Doofgoblin
April 2: Artworks, Richmond, VA w/ Accelera Deck, Monolith Zero
April 1: Studios on the Square, Roanoke, VA w/ Accelera Deck, Jonathan Coward, The Young Sinclairs
January 13: The True Vine, Baltimore w/ Jakuta & Carl, Abiku, piNESS


November 19: Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar, Charlottesville, VA w/ Doofgoblin, Katastatik, A Drop in Silence
November 18: Current Gallery, Baltimore w/ Doofgoblin, Katastatik, A Drop in Silence
November 15: Warehouse Next Door, DC w/ Accelera Deck, Mimeth, FFFFs
November 14: 4w5 cafe, Wilmington, DE Macro Mondays w/ Gemini Wolf
October 24: Galaxy Hut, Arlington, VA w/ Katastatik, Aligning Minds
October 8: The Galaxy Hut, Arlington, VA Sonic Circuits Festival
September 24: Allegheny College, Meadville, PA solo
September 23: Katrina Benefit @ Whole Gallery, Baltimore w/ Katastatik, Asbestos Friend, K-Rai, Adrian Bond
August 19: The Royal, Baltimore (last) Freakout w/ Katastatik, Aligning Minds, K-Rai, Adrian Bond, Sibling, Tryst
August 7: Hourhaus, Baltimore w/ Treesleeper, Power Pill Fist
June 24: Studio K-Rai, Baltimore w/ Calmer, A Drop in Silence, Aligning Minds, K-Rai
April 17: The Royal , Baltimore Freakout w/ Doofgoblin, Plat, Katastatik, Soundflint
April 7: The 13th Floor, Baltimore e+@13 w/ Katastatik, Aligning Minds